Friday, 11 March 2016

Over 20 Factors That Are Great For Your Immune System

In this post we are going to discuss various ways we can use to strengthen our immune system.

Just as Nations have armies to protect themselves from their enemies the body has its own "armies" too

The immune system is the body's way of protecting itself from all sorts of infections.

Some people have stronger immune systems than others in the same way other nations have stronger armies than others.

The strength of our immune system is dependent on lifestyle and hereditary factors.

You can control the lifestyle factors that affect immunity but you cannot do much on hereditary factors.

A good lifestyle can result in the prevention of so many lifestyle diseases that continue to kill millions every year.

It is therefore incumbent upon us to find help our bodies by strengthening our immune system.

While we may not be able to heal some chronic diseases such as cancer and Aids the following ways may help in our fight for survival and extend our lives.

I should point out that this article is based mainly on the proven treatments and nutrition medicine as used by the late Dr Agatha Thrash.

The main objectives of her treatment were to improve circulation to and oxygenation of cells, improving intestinal flora through a high fiber vegetarian diets to discourage cancer cell growth with hot baths, to stimulate the immune mechanism for cancer and infection resistance, and to combat toxins causing anaemia and loss of appetite.

Improve Our Immune System By Diet When Sick.

The ideal diet for improving our immune system is a vegetarian diet.  A wholly vegetarian diet free from fats, refined sugars, chemical additives, spices and vinegar.

This has worked well for many that have tried it and it could do the same for you.

The emphasis on this diet should be on raw foods and fresh juices especially carrots and beets. Wherever you can eat a lot of uncooked fruits and vegetables.

You should also also avoid soft drinks, coffee and chocolates but use herbal teas especially when you are sick.

Improving your Immune Through Herbal Teas When Sick.

One way to improve your immune system is through the use of herbal teas such as Pau d'Arco, blue violet and red clover.

Pau d'Arco, blue violet and red clover are used by natural medicine experts to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the blood.

Dr Agatha Thrash suggests that you prepare this tea by adding three tablespoons of Pau d'Arcp to one quart of boiling water and boil gently for twenty-five minutes.

Turn the flame off and add two tablespoons of blue violet and two tablespoons of red clove to the Pau d'Arco and let the mixture steep for twenty-five minutes.

She also advises against the use of sweeteners in herbal teas

Another herbal tea that you can prepare and use when sick is Echinacea and chaparral tea. Echinacea is well know among natural remedies experts as a powerful herb to improve your immune system and chaparral is an antibiotic.

To prepare this herbal tea you need to put once heaping tablespoon of echinacea in one quart of boiling water and boil gently for thirty minutes. Turn it off and add two tablespoons of chaparral. Let this mixture steep for twenty-five minutes. 

You should drink this tea first thing in the morning and finish the remainder of the quart throughout the day. This is one day's dose.

All these I am pointing out today should be prepared daily as they lose their potency after a day.

Another herbal tea that you can take is licorice tea. Professor Lu Weibo of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China used glyke, a substance from licorice root on HIV patients and while they were not cured they showed an improvement in quality of life and some minor improvement in HIV/Aids symptoms.

There are also a few supplements that can help people with a weakened immune system. For instance garlic capsules and tablets, zinc supplementation 

Doing some exercise for both healthy and unhealthy people is great in improving your immunity. You don't need some strenuous exercises,light exercises is okay for good health.

Suggestions for exercises include, swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, gardening, lawn care etc.

Simple things like drinking water are also important for your health and improving your immunity.

Water is a healer when used both internally and externally. Drinking eight to ten cups of water everyday between meals can go a long way in improving bowel movements.

Another water therapy treatment that I have used personally and found to be very effective is alternating hot and cold showers every morning and evening. I personally have 30 seconds of hot showers followed by another 30 seconds of hot water for at least 14 times.

I remember using the alternating hot and cold shower when I was down with a serious bout of flu. I was amazed how it helped me to have a peaceful night.

There are other fever treatments that once can also use for chronic patients. 

Dr Agatha Thrash recommends  fifteen fever treatments spread over three weeks. She suggests giving two series of three weeks each, pausing for one week after the first three weeks before beginning the second series.

She says there should be five treatments in a week, but not usually more than on fever treatment per day for adults.

She also cautions that the infant under three years of age should have the temperature carefully controlled, bringing mouth temperature or rectal temperature up to 103, but not holding it there. That may take only five to six minutes for the baby


  • Use a hot bath of 108-110°F to accomplish this “Fever” or “Hypothermia” treatment.
  • Obtain at least 102 and aim for 104°F orally and maintain it for 20-40 minutes, as tolerated.
  • When the oral temperature goes above 100°F or the patient begins to sweat, keep the face and head very cool with an icy cloth changed often.
  • Keep the bath water 110-112°F while the oral temperature is 102-105°F. Do this by draining off some of the cooling water and adding hot water.
  • Follow the hot treatment with a tepid shower, friction rub drying, and one hour of bed rest with an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the forehead.
  • Prevent chilling after the treatment.
  • Abort the treatment if the heart rate rises above 160 in a person under 50 years of age.
  • Abort the treatment if the heart rate rises above 140 in a person over 50 years of age. For more details on fever treatments. See the book Home Remedies.

Last but not least one of the most important ways to ensure that your bodies immunity is at optimum level is rest. Do not overwork and make sure you have enough sleep everyday.

The Creator recognized the importance of rest and commanded us to rest every Sabbath day. Once every week we are called upon to rest from our labors and to focus our attention on the Creator. 

Science has shown that those who keep the Sabbath are healthier than those who don't,